Frequently Asked Questions about lockIO

These are a few questions that our users have asked us and we shared with you so you have a guide of features, tips and do-and-don't with lockIO. If you have any questions, you can send us an email or Contact Us here.

lockIO is a security anti-theft app (available exclusively for Android) focused on prevention and interference of mobile phones theft. It incorporate new layer of protection which will update your phone's security to another level with Power Lock, Sim Alert and many more awesome features.

lockIO was developed by Locking Partners, a spanish startup dedicated to implementing new security features to mobiles devices, and thus help our user to achieve more security with less intrusion.  

lockIO has all other features that you would find in other app locker, such different lock modes (pattern, PIN or password), but also you can hide photos, videos and voice notes from the gallery and secure your files. Most importantly, the Power Lock features, which blocks the power off with password.

Once you've installed lockIO, go to the main screen and from there, tap on LOCK APPS. Grant the requested permission (allow data usage) and then selected which apps do you want to lock. Tap on the app you wish to lock with password and when the icon turns red, it should mean that its locked. This app lock will let you secure and lock apps important to you, keep in mind that if you use an app several times a day (like WhatsApp, Snapchat or Instagram), locking these kind of apps might result inconvenient to the user experience.

We suggest you lock apps susceptible of producing an economic transaction such as Amazon, Aliexpress or Google, or apps with more sensitive subject such as Tinder.

Don't lock apps you use regularly such as Whatsapp, Snapchat, Telegram or Chrome because they might interrupt your user experience and cause irritation whenever being asked to enter a password.

If you want to hide photos, videos or voice notes from the gallery, tap on Media Vault in the main menu screen. From there, tap on the green "+" to go to your gallery and there you can choose from photos, videos or audio files to lock in a vault. When the files are in the vault, they won't be accesible in the gallery. If you want to access the files again, be sure to get them out of the vault, by selecting the files and then pressing the red "-" to remove from the photo vault.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you delete lockIO while there are files in the Vault, this will result in deletion of those files. Be sure to extract the files from the Vault before deleting lockIO. If you uninstall lockIO and the files are deleted, try installing it back again and check the gallery to see if they're there... in some cases it fixes the problem.

If you forgot your password and didn't set a backup password, you'll have to uninstall and install back again lockIO to reset your password because we don't record our users passwords. If you're device is locked in the password screen after, you'll have to perform an emergency restart to gain control of your phone again. To do this, press volume down and power button for 5-8 seconds.

The Premium version will convert your phone in a "house alarm", as a user best described these features. In the event of entering a wrong password, a loud alarm will play, take an intruder selfie and starts vibrating. For maximum protection, we suggest you set the max. incorrect attempts to 1 and activate all premium features. You don't turn off your phone very often so...

lockIO can be extremely useful to lock important apps and secure sensitive photos that contain private content. You can lock apps that can generate a commercial transaction or have sensible information, such as Tinder, Snapchat, Amazon or any banking apps. Or just any other app you feel needs to be secured.

Yes, it is. To be able to secure the shut down process, we need to "over impose" our password prompt above the powering off and restart options once they pop up. You can ignore this message by pressing the Back button or tap anywhere in the screen. 

In order to protect your phone, we need to have access to certain data stored in your phone, such as access to media files (so we can lock your photos and videos files in the Vault) as well as to the camera so as we can take a picture when Intruder Selfie is activated. We only have access to information that is necessary to accomplish a determined task.

With this feature you can set the period of time during which your phone will remain unlocked. This means that lockIO won't ask for password to open locked apps during this period time. You can set the days and hours during your mobile device won't require you a password when using the app.

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lockIO doesn't just lock apps and hide photos from the gallery, it secures one the most importat settings: power off your phone. Find our more on how to protect your device.

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We're constantly working to incorporate new features to protect your private files and to secure your device against mobile phones theft.

lockIO does not track and locate your phone thru GPS. In the event that you're not able to retrieve your stolen device, be sure to have activated Find My Phone feature on Android. For more information, go to

Of course it is. We hope that you don't need to use our features because our applocker wants to jam any attempt to steal your phone. "Don't put the lock after the robbery", as my grandparents used to say. Download lockIO now and secure your power switch, lock apps, hide photos and much more!

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When this function is activated, your phone will not require a password, it will remain unlocked while being connected to the selected WIFI network. You can set your home and office WIFI as safe places, and the app will only be active whenever you are on other networks. This is ideal for safe places like your home, where you don't need to be asked for a password whenever using the app.

With usage tracking lockIO monitors which other application you use and how often, identifies the service provider, language settings and other data. This is required permission to lock apps.

If you acquired our Premium version and ads haven't been removed or the features are off, please try closing and opening the app. If the problem persist, repeat the Get Premium process (premium won't be charged a second time) and turn on the features to check if they're activated.