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Our Mission

If you ever lost a phone or got stolen, you know that horrible feeling of losing your entire life and being exposed to identity theft, data leaks and fraudulent charges, three major issues related to phone theft. 

We know how that feels, that's why we developed the best security app for Android phones to prevent, block, and interfere with your phone theft.

Our goal is to prevent phone's theft by disabling all the steps that thieves take after stealing a phone.

And thus, lockIO was born.

Our Features


Request a password to power off or restart your phone and block the first step thieves take after stealing a device.

Our mission is to prevent phone theft so you don't have to use Find My Phone or similar apps. 


Trigger an alarm when the authorized SIM Card is removed from your device until it is inserted back again.

Interfere with your device disconnection by adding new layers of protection. Don't let anyone steal your phone!


Capture a selfie and email it to your inbox of the person that tries to switch off or restart your smartphone.

Know WHO and WHERE your phone was attempted to power off or restart.


Send the GPS Location to your email of the specific spot where someone tried to turn off or restart your device.

Know EXACTLY where someone tried to turn off or restart your device.


Lock important apps with a password, PIN or Pattern, and prevent unauthorized access to your data.

Block apps that you don't want your kids, friends, or relatives to access and avoid any unwanted access, identity theft or personal data leaks.


Hide photos, videos or audio files from the Gallery inside a secure vault, and don't let any stranger access your private pics, vids or voice notes.

Our awesome photo locker will protect your personal files!


Our app features methods to block and interfere with your phone theft.

Features to prevent data leaks, phone disabling, identity theft and other issues related to phone theft.

Our Fantastic Users Say

"I love it! It's so nice because it protects my phone and also helps me to lock my photos!"

Andreeas S.
 (Google Play ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Review)

"Power Lock is a MUST feature for every phone! Use it with secure networking and startup on your settings. Always add this app (and others like Find My Phone). I'm glad for this app and I'm considering the full version."

Mark P.
(Google Play ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Review)

"The app is great! There is no other application like this in Playstore. Thanks to the developers!"

S. Morgan
 (Google Play ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Review)

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