Frequently Asked Questions about lockIO

We gathered some of the most FAQ our users requested us and we made this list.

Here you will learn more about all our features since lockIO and why you need to protect one the most important security settings on Android: power off your phone.

If you have any questions that have been answered here, please email us at or thru our Contact form.

What is lockIO?

lockIO is a security anti-theft app lock for Android focused on prevention and interference of mobile phones theft.

Our mission is to block the mechanism used by thieves to steal smartphones. We focus on locking several steps necessaries to interfere theft, like locking the power off switch or securing the SIM Card alarm.

It creates new layers of protection to upgrade your device security to another level.
Among the features it includes:
• Power Lock (Password to Switch Off your Phone)
• App Lock
• Media Vault (Hide photos and videos from the gallery)
• SIM Card Extraction Alert*
• Power Off GPS Location*
• Intruder's Selfie and Email It!*
• Power Off Alarm and Vibration*
• Lock Phone when fail to Turn Off
• And MORE!
*Premium Features

Who developed lockIO?

lockIO was developed by Locking Partners, a Spanish startup dedicated to creating new security features to increase mobiles phones protection, and thus help our user to achieve more security with less intrusion.

Is lockIO free?

Our app is free to download and use.

It has covered all the basic features to prevent any stranger from switching off your device, like a password to power off, applocker, vault, lock phone, and many more.

If you want to have an extra boost to your security features (SIM Alarm, Power Off GPS, etc.), you will have to convert to Premium user with a one-time payment fee to unlock these amazing security features.

Why should I install it?

Our mission is to prevent, interfere and block any thief intentions to steal your phone.

By installing lockIO you'll give your phone a security boost and improve the overall protection of your privacy and private files.

You should always defend your personal data against thieves and we working to help you achieve this.

Remember that security is (mostly) about prevention... You never lock the door AFTER the theft, you lock it before it happens.

How to protect my android phone using lockIO?

lockIO features the Power Lock, which will enable block the first thing thieves do after stealing a phone: turn it off.

The second step is to enable the SIM Card Extraction Alert, which will trigger an alarm in the event that the authorized SIM card is extracted while the Power Lock screen is activated.

We want to create new ways to protect smart phones by blocking every scenario a thief might take when steals a phone.

For maximum security, set the max attempts to 1, lock phone to 60 seconds and activate all Premium features (Alarm, Vibration, SIM Alert. Power Off GPS, and Intruder Selfie).

What is the App Lock feature?

App Lock enables you to secure with a password any application that you have installed on your phone.

You can lock apps with a PIN, Alphanumeric Password or Pattern.

Restrict access to important applications that should require extra protection and attention, such as banking or shopping apps which might contain sensitive financial information about you.

What types of apps should I lock?

We suggest you lock apps that contain sensitive information and are not used very frequently.

We don't advice you to secure an app that you use very often (like Whatsapp or Instagram).

We advise this because you will find it tedious and annoying if you have to enter a password every time you open these applications.

Other apps like Amazon, Bank of America, and even Dominoes Pizza could contain information about your credit cards, address, ID #, etc.  

We also advise you to lock email apps such as Gmail or Outlook, since they might contain important personal data and very little protection to access them.

A pop-up message appears saying: Screen Overlay Detected... Is this normal?

Yes, it is. To be able to secure the shutdown process, we need to "impose" our password prompt above the powering off and restart options once they pop up.

You can ignore this message by pressing the Back button or tap anywhere on the screen.

If this issue persists, try adding lockIO to your cache cleaner whitelist and enable Device Administrator permission under the Settings  screen.

Why lockIO is not available for iOS?

To be able to protect your phone with our special feature Power Lock, users have to grant permission to draw above other apps (that's why a password-prompt appears above turn off and restart options).

iOS does not allow access to this permission or doesn't have it integrate, different from Android which allows us, developer, to have more freedom to create awesome features.  

We're looking for a way to also protect iPhone users from theft but we haven't managed to find it... yet.

What is the Vault feature?

Vault feature enables you to hide photos, videos and audio files from the gallery, increasing the security access to your private files.

Select Vault from the Main screen and from there you can choose between the different media files.

WARNING: DO NOT UNINSTALL LOCKIO WITH FILES INSIDE THE VAULT. This will erase those encrypted files since they're linked to the uninstalled app.

If you want to uninstall lockIO (Please tell us why!), remove the files from the Vault before proceding.

I've bought the Premium version but it is still showing ads?

If you acquired our Premium version and ads haven't been removed or the features are off, please try closing and opening the app.

If the problem persists, repeat the Get Premium process (you won't be charged a second time) and turn on the features to check if they're activated.

Can I locate my phone if was stolen using lockIO?

Our application is focused on prevention and interference of mobile phones theft.

lockIO does not track your device after stealing because our mission is that you don't have to do this.

Most security apps target actions to execute after the theft.

To be able to locate your phone after a theft, your device must have enabled the Find My Phone feature on Android. For more information, go to

Is lockIO available in other apps markets, besides Google Play?

If you don't have access to Google Play, you can still enjoy lockIO's protection. 

lockIO APK is available on these websites:




Is it available in other languages?

lockIO is currently available in English, Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Italian, Arabic, Hindi, and Traditional Chinese.

More translations will be available in future updates.